Sarah Beeny's Extra Large Plant Pots

Sarah Beeny's very large plant pots    

BIGPLANTPOTS 'Biggies' freshly delivered to Sarah Beeny's estate.


I’m an avid fan of Sarah Beeny and her TV shows.
I first started watching Sarah on Property ladder in 2001. Feeling inspired by her 2017 series, ‘How to live mortgage free’, we set about building a tiny house in our garden, , which has won us ‘super host’ status on Airbnb!
My absolute favourite show is ‘New Life In The Country.’ Sarah and her husband, Graham Swift, and her 4 boys, have built a low-carbon stately home in Somerset. It’s stunning! Their years of hard work have culminated in an epic build, hundreds of trees, bee hives, a pond with a zip wire, and a rustic tree house all set on an old diary farm in the beautiful Wincanton country side.

On the day we received the call that Sarah and Graham wanted some Biggies, I couldn’t hold in my excitement and did several star jumps around the garden! Our pots in Sarah’s garden! What a brilliant turn of events.

We had the pleasure of delivering 6 ‘Biggie’ Plant Pots in Anthracite and Sarah and Graham were both really lovely and kind enough to pose for a photo! We even got a little cuddle from Maple and Piccolo, their friendly cockapoos.
We can’t wait to see the Biggie’s planted up. Im sure they will look amazing, whatever they choose to put in them. There was talk of using one as a giant ice bucket for a party!