Q: What is "The Biggie"?

A: "The Biggie" is an extra large plant pot with a classic flower pot design, a new contemporary matte finish, and comes in 8 pigment rich tones. It is designed and manufactured in the UK with fast delivery, easy communication and no minimum order quantity.


Q: What is the material of "The Biggie"?

A: "The Biggie" is made of recyclable, linear medium-density polyethylene, which is a durable and colourfast material.


Q: How is "The Biggie" made?

A: "The Biggie" is made using a rotational moulding process, which allows the colour to permeate the planter and gives an incredibly durable finish.


Q: What is the capacity of "The Biggie"?

A: "The Biggie" has a capacity of 421 litres, making it ideal for trees, flowers, grasses and for a herb garden in a residential or public setting.


Q: What is the purpose of "The Biggie"?

A: "The Biggie" is a stylish, space-defining statement, perfect for adding a touch of elegance to any residential or public setting.


Q: Are there any additional colours available for "The Biggie" plant pot?

A: Yes, additional colours are available for "The Biggie" plant pot with a minimum order quantities. Contact Bigplantpots for more information.


  Q: What is the delivery time for the 'biggie' pot from Bigplantpots?

A: The delivery time for the 'biggie' pot is anything from next day to 3 weeks depending on the colour and the amount of pots ordered.


Q: How are the 'biggie' pots delivered?

A: The 'biggie' pots are delivered palletised and can be stacked up to 6 pots on one pallet.


Q: What should I pay close attention to when considering purchasing a 'biggie' pot from Bigplantpots?

A: It is important to pay close attention to the dimensions of the 'biggie' pot to ensure it fits in the desired space before purchasing. There is a minimum collection charge of £150 due to the size and high cost of transport.


Q: What type of material is the 'biggie' pot made of?

A: The 'biggie' pot is made of medium density polyethylene.


Q: Is the 'biggie' pot durable?

A: Yes, the 'biggie' pot is extremely durable and impact resistant, crack and shatter proof.


Q: Is the 'biggie' pot heavy?

A: No, the 'biggie' pot is light weight for easy placement. ( 14 Kg )


Q: Can the 'biggie' pot be stacked?

A: Yes, the 'biggie' pot is stackable.


Q: What is the finish of the 'biggie' pot?

A: The 'biggie' pot has a matte finish.


Q: What are the dimensions of the 'biggie' pot?

A: The width top of the 'biggie' pot is 100cm, the width bottom is 57.2cm and the height is 91cm.


Q: How many colors are available for the 'biggie' pot?

A: The 'biggie' pot comes in 8 colours.